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South Town Gym Summer Special

1 Month pass: $40.00
2 Month Pass: $35.00/month
3 Month Pass: $30.00/month

So, you want to be fit? Sure, you could get a gym pass, but then what? Let us help you!! Our onsite Trainer can fit you with a training program and teach you how to use the equipment and do exercises that you’ll actually enjoy!!

Here at South Town Gym we pride ourselves in being the best gym and fitness center in the area. We have what you’ve been looking for. With numerous Cardio Machines, Free Weights, Strength Training Machines, Private Women’s Section, Tanning Beds, Functional Training areas, Plyometric, Stability and Agility equipment, Dance Studio, Lockers, Showers, Dressing Rooms, we’re absolutely positive we’ve got you covered!!

We are also offering some awesome new ways to get fit and stay fit. Getting you out of the rut of your boring, monotonous workout regime and helping you start seeing some REAL results with our variety of programs.

Lunch Crunch: An intense Spinning and Body Rock Class, better yet, on your lunch break!

Get fit with Andrea: Combination of bodyweight, cardio and weightlifting from Moab’s finest trainer.

Yoga: Improve your health and relieve your stress with Chelsey.

Hard Core Classes: A little bit of everything all in one class.

Located at 1070 S. Hwy 191. Open 24 hours day/7days a week. Give us a call at 435-259-5775

Cooking with Medicine
by Cactus Moloney
In the free Moonflower class, Cooking with Medicine, Herbalist Emily Stock taught how to incorporate herbs into food and how using herbs in food can be medicine.

Stock introduced some food for thought with the Chinese medicine practice of finding a person’s affinity for certain flavors or cravings being directly associated with the organs these flavors constitute; salt cravings to the kidneys, sweet to the spleen and stomach, sour to the liver, bitter to the heart and acrid flavors to the lungs.

Stock showed the class while making tea with roots, it is best to use a cold infusion to extract minerals from the roots and release the mucilage. The mucilage supports the mucosa; a membrane rich in mucous in the sinuses, urinary tract or genitals.

The cold infusion process requires more time and should sit overnight or up to 12 hours.

When making tea from leaves or flowers the process changes to hot infusion. The delicate compound needs to be covered to keep in the volatile oils that will want to evaporate.

Stock's favorite way to make hot tea is with a French press. “Herbs like to be moved and teased,” Stock said, as she moved the French press up and down with the tealeaves dancing around in the mixture.

She listed some foods that should be in every person’s pantry and are vital to health: honey is antibacterial and moistening; lemon is a Chi regulator, it clears phlegm and the stagnation of mucosa; kelp is an abundant source of all known vitamins and 50 percent of its weight is concentrated minerals and it’s an indispensible electrolyte replacement; mushrooms nourish the shin spirit (heart) and help with low immunity by stimulating the immune system by putting the body on high alert because it is neither plant nor animal. Regular consumption of mushrooms help with cancer, autoimmune diseases and thyroid disorders.

Stock then spilled the beans about beans! Before soaking, beans have about 15 percent protein, after soaking and germinating they pack in a whopping 85 percent protein! They are blood sugar regulating and great for breakfast because they keep you full all day.

Stock achieves a harmonizing balance in her cooking through the ancient Ayurveda teachings and using Indian cooking traditions as a guide.

“One plus one can equal three,” Stock said, a stronger effect may be achieved with certain food combinations.
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