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The Incredible Power of the Mind

When you think about how amazing the mind is that it can beat your heart, breathe your lungs and flow blood through out the entire body without you even having to think about it. It makes perfect sense that it can also store memories of past advents without you being fully aware of them. I often tell my clients that just because you think a thought does not make it real.

Thoughts are just that thoughts and when they go unchecked they become emotions and then behaviors. The average person has 50,000-70,000 a day. There is no way you could remember all those thoughts. It would drive you crazy. So the brain picks and chooses which thoughts to store and which ones to remind you of. The brain will pull up a thought and responsive emotion attached to that thought based on past experiences. If you are not aware of your thoughts then you will react from a place of automatic reaction. Often times that will not get you the result you desire in life. In life we have experiences that happen. Life is full of these experiences some are what we call good and some are what we call bad. I have come to see throughout my study of life and life’s patterns over four decades that an experience is just that, an experience, unless you attach meaning to that experience and then it becomes a story and from your story then your behavior. I call it your story because that is just what it is, a story, based on your personal life experiences.

Not ever one will see the experience the same way. I have and example of this. One Christmas I decided to make sandwiches to take to the shelter and hand out to the men there after they finished work.

I employed the help of two for my female friends and their children. We made 100 sandwiches and took them to an area in Salt Lake that is very poor next to the mens shelter. As I handed out my sandwiches I had the fun experience of shaking hands and talking to the men about their day.

I left with a joy in my heart. As I got back in the car and we started our drive home. The other two woman turned to me and said that they would never do that again, as I had put all our lives in danger that day. One had seen a drug deal go down and the other had seen a man with a shot gun under his coat. All I had witnessed was a police car that was parked across the street and one that circled the block a couple of time and very grateful men. Each of us had had a different experience.

The power of the mind can create just what you wish it to. So what are the thoughts you are having and the stories you are telling yourself about this New Year! I am telling myself that it will be the best year ever.

No more excuses!
Gym Membership for $30.00 a month!

At South Town Gym, when you contract for a year, you pay $30.00 a month. We also offer a Senior rate $25 per month, a Couples rate of $55.00 per month, and a Family Pass for $75.00 per month. We still offer; Annual $275.00, Quarterly $170.00, and Monthly $65.00 onetime payment rates!

Here at South Town Gym we pride ourselves in being the best gym and fitness center in the area. We have what you’ve been looking for. With numerous State of the art Cardio Fitness Machines, a talented staff to run our programs and classes. A large selection of Free Weights and Cybex Strength Training Machines, Private Women’s Section, Tanning Beds, Functional Training areas, Physio balls, Bosu balls, Plyometric, Stability and Agility equipment, Spinning Bikes, Mixed Martial Arts Equipment, Dance Studio, Lockers, Showers, and Dressing Rooms. We are absolutely positive we’ve got you covered!!

South Town Gym is now in its 6th year serving the Grand County community’s needs for fitness training with a professional and friendly environment. As we approach our 6th season we are mindful of the many friends and associations we have made over the past years. Many people have discovered the benefits of a lifestyle which includes fitness programs which are available at the South Town Gym. Our programs have encouraged and motivated many of you to opt for a healthier and more fulfilling lifestyle.

Members of South Town Gym have 24hr access, 7 days a week to our full facility. This makes it easier for our members to get their workouts in, no matter what time of day. We also work hand in hand with one of the best Fitness Trainers in Moab, Andrea Lopez. Andrea has assisted in many weight loss/muscle gain success stories. With our variety of options, we know you can make 2017 your best year yet.

We are locally owned and operated and would like to thank you for helping us fulfill our dreams and support our families. We wish you all the best of luck, love and life this upcoming year. We would love for the community to come in and tour our facilities, meet the staff, and familiarize yourself with our programs. Our office is located at 1070 S. Highway 191 Moab, UT 84532. Office hours are Mon-Fri 9-6. We are on the web at: You can contact us at or 435-259-5775.

Health Fair 2017
On Saturday, January 21st, 2017, Moab Regional Hospital will host the 14th annual Community Health Fair at the Grand Center in Moab. The Health Fair is a unique opportunity for community members to connect with local healthcare organizations, professionals, and other health-oriented businesses and learn how to prioritize personal health and wellness. The various departments of Moab Regional Hospital such as Radiology and the Emergency Department will also provide informational and interactive booths at the fair. The Health Fair will be open to the public from 10am to 1pm.

The additional component to the Health Fair is the Low Cost Blood Draw. The blood draw fee is $60 and covers a series of blood tests, including: Complete Blood Count; Complete Metabolic Panel; Lipids; Thyroid Stimulating Hormone; and A1C blood glucose. Typically, this array of blood tests costs $300-500 out-of-pocket. The blood draw is an ideal opportunity for individuals to get a comprehensive baseline read of their health at an affordable price!

In the past, the results of the Low Cost Blood Draw have been available at the Health Fair – this year, we are changing it up! Instead, we are kicking off the Low Cost Blood Draw AT the Health Fair. Blood draws will only be scheduled when participants earn a blood draw voucher by attending four vendor booths at the health fair. Once you have your voucher, you can schedule your blood draw appointment at the Laboratory booth or you can hold on to your voucher and schedule an appointment after the Health Fair by calling the hospital’s front desk. If you are unable to attend the Health Fair to receive your voucher, you can call and see if additional appointments are available after the health fair; however, spots are limited.

Once again, the diverse Moab health care community will be represented at this year’s event. The Moonflower will host a booth and answer questions pertaining to eating healthy foods, natural medicines, herbs and tinctures. Crossfit Moab will provide educational information regarding health benefits of physical activity, specifically Crossfit (General Physical Preparedness). St. Mary’s Cancer Center will be there to educate about cancer and cancer prevention. Grand County EMS will be there with one of their ambulances providing tours throughout the health fair.

Hospital professionals will be available at several booths to discuss diabetes education, review the importance of mammography, and provide information about services at the hospital. Many alternative medicine practitioners offer services in Moab and will be available to answer questions and help you understand naturopathic medicine and healing body therapies. Thanks to our local massage therapists, there are always free massages available throughout the fair. Attendees will also have the opportunity to register for a raffle of health-inspired options.

If you are interested in hosting a booth at the health fair, please contact Sarah Shea at (435) 719-3683 for more information. We look forward to seeing you at this year’s Community Health Fair!

And when you go, don't forget to mention you read about the 2017 Health Fair in the Moab Happenings.
Moonflower Class: What Should I Eat? Eat Real Food
It’s the new year & you want to start some healthier habits, so where should you start? FOOD -obesity & most chronic illnesses can be prevented or alleviated with a change in diet. So, what should you eat - Paleo, Mediterranean, vegetarian, vegan? Eating has become incredibly complicated as a wide variety of “food experts” tell us an overwhelming amount of food facts that confuse consumers. Food is powerful medicine, it can heal & plenty of it is harmful. In this program, we will separate food fad from food fact, identify the basics of foods to eat and foods to avoid for health & prevention of chronic illnesses. Discuss how to effectively change long ingrained eating habits & tastes. As a counselor, bodywork practitioner & educator, Christina Myers, CMHC, has been helping people heal for over 35 years. She blends her clinical knowledge of human behavior & emotions with physical and spiritual processes to provide “whole person” care. She provides individual, group & couples counseling, along with gentle bodywork, wellness education, & lifestyle coaching in her private practice in Moab. This class is free & will be held Jan 24 from 6-7:30pm in the NEW Moonflower Community space. For info: 435-259-5712

Remodeled Portal Building
Open House & Workshops

Open House Details
On Friday January 20th, from 4-7pm, the tenants of the newly remodeled Portal Building are inviting the community to check out the new space and learn about the businesses that now call the office complex home base.
These four businesses currently operate out of the central Moab location at 150 Center Street. Following a ribbon cutting by the chamber at 4:00, tenants will be hosting short 30-45 minute workshops (see details below) and providing a plethora food and beverages along with door prizes from each organization.
• Christina Myers | Clinical Mental Health Counselor WORKSHOP 4:30-5:00 | Stress Less – Cultivating Inner Peace and Quiet.
Karry Deeter | Owner and principle of Deeter Accounting WORKSHOP 5:15-6:00 | Essentials for Financial Success.
Debra Cahill | Doctor of Oriental medicine & licensed acupuncturist at Health Rising Wellness WORKSHOP 6:15-7:00
Oriental Medicine vs. Acupuncture. Debra Cahill, DOM, LAc
Community Rebuilds | Affordable Housing nonprofit

Additional Event:
Jan 28 Chinese New Year Open House- from 2-5 pm, there will be a celebration of Chinese New Year at the Health Rising Wellness office, 150 East Center, Suite 105. Will provide FREE Stress Relief acupuncture treatments, Refreshments,Video & slide show presentations, lots of information about Oriental medicine, & FREE drawings for prizes. For info Debra Cahill DOM, LAc | Doctor of Oriental medicine & licensed acupuncturist 970-242-0020 or

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