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A New Ultimate Relaxation Experience in Town: Yomassage™ Is Here
By Meagan Coy

In August of this year, I attended a training in Salt Lake City to become a Yomassage Therapist. As a licensed massage therapist and yoga teacher, I was intrigued by the lay-out of these small group classes, which combine breathwork, yoga-like restorative poses, therapeutic ball work and hands-on massage therapy. It seemed to be a perfect fit for how to evolve as a practitioner. It just so happened that two other massage therapists from Moab were in the same training class as me! Breann Vail and Sarah Cook had the same mind-set and were as intrigued as I was. After the training we felt very excited about bringing these classes to Moab and have worked together in making this happen. We are now “Yomi’s” (the nickname given to Yomassage therapists) who are ready to make this experience available to our community and those that visit it.

So what is Yomassage exactly? It was founded by two women in Portland, Oregon on the belief that everyone deserves access to therapeutic touch. In order to make this happen, they created a modality in which clients can receive touch in a small group setting in a safe environment and at an accessible rate. The “Yo” in Yomassage is based on the principles of yoga: focus on the breath (pranayama) and the yogic philosophy of looking within. The idea was to create classes that offer a combination of touch, gentle stretch, and mindfulness in order to provide an avenue for relaxation and healing.

In a Yomassage class you should expect a luxurious and relaxing experience. As Yomassage therapists, we are trained to make sure everyone feels comfortable and welcome throughout the entire class. As a participant you will be guided through breathwork and mindfulness exercises at the beginning of each class that will be integrated throughout the rest of the experience. We will then walk you through a series of comfortable and supported Yomassage positions that will be held for 5-10 minutes each. While you are relaxing in these positions, your therapist will walk around and provide hands-on massage for you in each one. In the middle of these supported postures there may be some massage therapy ball work involved, which allows you to target more specific areas of the body and provide deeper release of sore or tight muscles. You will end the class having received a decent amount of massage work to various parts of the body and leaving in a state of relaxed bliss.

Yomassage classes are kept small so each participant receives individual attention from their therapist. In our Moab Yomassage classes, one therapist will serve up to 5 people in a single session, and if there are more than 5 (max. of 8 in our space), there will be another therapist in the class helping to assist and provide massage as well. Our classes are provided in a lovely space in the back of the Red Rock Bakery on Main Street, where we try and create a relaxing atmosphere with mood lighting and soft music. Everything you need for a Yomassage class is provided for you, so no need to worry about bringing anything with you other than yourself. Classes are appropriate for all ages and levels of ability.

If you are interested in experiencing a Yomassage class, please check out our website: where you can read more, find out class times and pre-register on-line. Us “Yomi’s” look forward to having you!

Want to Try a New Activity? Have Movement Goals? Physical Therapy Can Help!

When big industries like financial services and pharmaceuticals want to update their business models, or launch a new commercial product, they often turn to the expertise of consultants. These experts have vast knowledge to help companies solve problems and achieve their goals. Did you know there’s an expert that can help you manage pain, reach your fitness goals, and prepare you for a new activity safely?

Meet the physical therapist (PT). Think of your PT as a movement consultant, trained to help you build the strength, endurance, and flexibility needed to attain your goals. A common misconception is that PTs are only trained to help clients improve their performance in the sports and leisure activities that in which they already participate. But that’s not the case! PTs can educate clients who are interested in pursuing activities that they’ve never tried before, too. Let’s say you’ve always been a casual runner but want to train to run a 5K road race. Where do you start?

Physical therapists have the right training and background to help you reach new goals. Here are three ways to maximize your rehab sessions:
1. Know what you’re aiming for. Having a clear idea of your goals - before going to that first PT appointment—will ensure that you can communicate exactly what you’re looking to achieve. Take the time to jot down some ideas for the future as well as goals you’ve attained in the past so you can jumpstart the conversation with your PT.

2. Listen to your limitations—and your PT. Of equal importance to communication, is taking the time to listen closely to the physical therapist’s expertise. We’re trained to assess your body’s signals and then use that information to identify potential injury risk and uncover weaknesses and limitations that could prevent you from reaching your goals.

3. Be prepared to take it one step at a time. The PT will work with you to establish an appropriate timeline to achieving your goals. For example, it’s unlikely that you’ll be ready to keep up with your best friend and avid runner at the town 5K the following weekend. However, your PT can help modify your approach so you can still participate, even if you aren’t ready to run the entire distance.

These three steps allow Rhonda & Chloe at Moab Physical Therapy & Rehab to design a customized exercise program. We specialize in head-to-toe treatment from cervical radiculopathy, tennis elbow, wrist injuries, low back pain, knee/ankle injuries, vertigo, TMJ, and other problems that keep you from reaching the finish line. Please call today to start your own customized rehabilitation program – (435) 210-1985 or visit our website at

The Moab Senior Games 2019!

Helping to promote a healthy lifestyle, bringing information and opportunity for good mental & physical health and care to the senior community of Moab, Utah.” is the mission statement of the Moab Senior Games. This couldn’t be more positive, and judging by the smiles of participants in photos of previous years, the Moab Senior Games have proven that they are fulfilling their mission.

This will be the 8th year of the games in Moab, organized and directed by Suzan and Andrea Martin, a talented mother and daughter team. Suzan, who has had numerous careers in her busy and exciting life, from modeling to river running, panning gold to creating and hosting a gourmet cooking show on TV, saw a real need in Moab, with its large population of seniors, for expanded senior citizen activities. The Senior Games caught her attention, and though cities generally organize these events, Suzan, a champion at raising fund and soliciting advertising, jumped in and made it happen in Moab, with the help of her very capable daughter Andrea.

Moab’s Senior Games are part of a national sports competition for seniors. A multi-sport event, it is specifically devoted to adults aged 50+, each competition being divided into age groups with five year intervals. Regional competitions, drawing participants from local Senior Games like Moab’s, are held yearly in every state. Every two years, the National Senior Olympics is held in one state. The World Senior Games, an international event which began in 1987, attracts participants of the national competitions. The “Huntsman Senior World Games” has become an event for serious senior athletes from a variety of countries.

Staging the Moab Senior Games is pretty big stuff, and Game officers Suzan (president and CEO) and Andrea (vice-president, CFO, registrar, web site manger, and treasurer) work hard to make it happen. This year, their fellow officers in this labor of love are Patrick Trim, Janie Tuft, Verleen Striben, and Glenda Ciarus. And though they are unnamed, the men and women who volunteer their time and talents are an absolutely essential part of this production.

Beginning on Wednesday, October 23, the Moab Senior Games will run through Saturday, the 26th. This year’s events will be Golf (2 person scramble), Pickleball, PowerWalk/RaceWalk, Table Tennis, Swimming, Tennis, Track and Field, and Daily Walking Tours. These competitions, which can attract as many as 80 participants, will be held at a variety of venues around Moab. The schedule can be found on line at, and right here in the Moab Happenings.

Already planning next year’s Moab Senior Games, Suzan says to expect changes, because she wants to focus more on Moab’s locals and local concerns. The number of events will be reduced to the three most popular: Track and Field, Swimming, and Table Tennis. She is organizing a two-day raiser fund, “From Senior Golfers to Junior Golfers.” The first day will be “Lazy Man’s Olympics: Poker and Cornhole” (participants must be 21 as beer will be served). The second day will be golfing and a benefit banquet. Last year, fund raising enabled the Moab Senior Games to donate a professional table for Table Tennis to the Grand Center.

Thinking about participating in the Games next year? Here’s a tip: The Moab Star, a colorful, multi-page insert appearing in The Moab Sun every other month, is another fine service Suzan is providing for Moab Seniors. It is packed with information and news for the 50 and Older crowd. Among other things, it is an excellent resource for senior health advice—perhaps just what you need to get that competitive edge. Note the medals on the bearded man in the photo with Suzan and Andrea. From Dolores, Mel was the oldest track and field competitor that year. You are not too old! Check out the Moab Senior Games at, then come and join the fun!

Community Nursing Services' Special Programs

Community Nursing Services, (CNS) has two special programs for patients on their service. The Senior Wish Program provides an opportunity for patients to relive a cherished memory or experience a new adventure. CNS patients in Moab have received numerous wishes including helicopter rides, river rafting, family dinners, overnight stays and many other fun experiences. Two Moab patients were recently presented with new iPads that were funded by a grant from UPS.

The Honor Salute Program is a simple but powerful tribute of appreciation for CNS patients who are veterans and nearing the end of life. Veterans are presented with a personalized appreciation plaque, military service lapel pin, an American flag and formal salute. Recently Robert Zufelt, (Spec 4 Army 1969-1971) was given a “surprise” Honor Salute. He was very appreciative and stated “it was the nicest thing anyone had done for him.” The event was attended by 32 of Robert’s supportive friends and family.

For more information contact Camille Trujillo, Area Manager at Community Nursing Services, 435-259-0466 or

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