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The Massage Company
by Jacque Bullock and Noël Harlan

The recently opened The Massage Company invites you to step into a comfortable serene space to slow down and relax, rejuvenate and restore. With over two decades worth of combined experience, our therapists know just how to bring your body back into harmony.

When we take the time to care for ourselves we gain the energy and stamina it takes to live a full and beautiful life. It becomes easier to see the beauty in the mundane. We notice the small things and have a deeper appreciation for them.

Receiving bodywork creates a space in which we intentionally listen to what our body is telling us. This builds a strong and reciprocal relationship. When we give our body what it needs, it delights to give us what we need in return, usually tenfold.

Our bodies aren’t the only thing that benefits from the connection that massage provides. Our minds benefit as well. Massage a powerful tool for health and well-being. It eases stress, calms anxiety and improves quality of sleep.

At The Massage Co., we offer a circulatory massage which is a light to medium pressure therapeutic massage used to decrease stress and increase circulation in the muscles. We also offer a restorative type of massage which is a medium to deep pressure sports massage used to increase range of motion, decrease painful stiff muscles, and restore the body after high impact activities. We also have developed a passion for other holistic healing modalities in our practice, such as cupping, hot stone therapy, energy work, sound healing and aromatherapy.

Do you see massage as an indulgence? It can be difficult to justify indulging ourselves, especially during these uncertain times. I’m sure we can all agree that the last year has imposed some serious challenges into our lives. With many people out of work and disconnected from friends and family like never before, now is the perfect time to set intentions for moving into a new way of living. You can make self care a priority. We can help you indulge in yourself without indulging on price! We’re offering a limited time local discount to introduce the community to our personalized healing techniques. Come in and receive 50% off of your first visit. Available through March 1st.

Take good care.

Being - Home
by Star Kolb

The sun is rising in the east, you can sense a shift in the light through the edges of the curtains, you feel the pull to catch the pink hue lighting up the sky.

Coffee brewing, tea steeping. The pitter patter of pets, partners, and all of the people in your home.

It is Saturday, the day before Valentine’s, how might you spend this day? How about a day at home dedicated to wellness and community.

Home - defined: the place in which one’s domestic affections are centered.

It is likely this past year your home time has deepened. Do you feel at peace in your home? Or are you climbing the walls? Would like to create some new practices at home?

Community - defined: a unified body of individuals.

How do you connect with and spend time with your friends? Are you continuing to exchange information and tools, continuing to learn and grow from each other?

Technology - defined: a capability given by the practical application of knowledge. What technology have you become more familiar with? Does its application keep you connected?

Being - Home Retreat is a day that brings home, community and technology together to explore; meditation, yoga, myth, face care, qigong, astrology, journaling, sketching, self massage, ball rolling, and breath work. No experience necessary.

A day for new and familiar community members from near and far to share and experience tools for maintaining a healthy self and home. Wellness and creativity are foundational to a thriving and connected community.

Join Christy Williams, Angela Houghton, Katherina Diemer, Katrina Gillette, Lisa De Rees, Shari Zollinger, Katrina Lund, Kelly Michaud, Emily Stock, and Star Kolb as they live broadcast from Moab and Castle Valley for this FREE all day event.

Participate from anywhere in the world, invite your friends!

Grab your drink, supplies and settle in for any class or for the entire retreat.

Being - Home Retreat. Free Online Event. Saturday February 13, 8am-4pm. Register:

Tuning Into Your Heart For Health
by Meagan Coy

February is here, and with that usually brings a sense of hope that springtime is just around the corner. It is important to remember though, that winter weather is still here. In addition to the weather patterns, our community is still finding itself wrapped-up in the Coronavirus pandemic. With this combination, we need to remember the importance of keeping our immune systems healthy. February also hosts Valentine’s Day, so I thought it would be nice to tie this together and share some self-care techniques that help you connect into your heart space and give your immune system a boost.

To connect with your heart space, it is powerful to visualize your heart chakra or the energy center located in the middle of your chest. To do this, take a moment to close your eyes and imagine a glowing ball of green (the color associated with this chakra) light illuminating in the middle of your chest cavity. Allow it to fill the space of your heart and lungs, while also filling and warming in front and behind the area of these organs. Take a few deep breaths and visualize this light getting brighter and warmer with each inhalation and emanating out of the body with each exhalation.

Our heart chakra is associated with our respiratory system, the lungs and governs the thymus gland which sits behind the heart and regulates the immune system. To help stimulate and awaken this area, an exercise you can do is to take the “peace” fingers of each hand (index and middle fingers) and start a gentle yet firm tapping along the sternum bone that runs along the middle of the chest. As you tap up and down the sternum bone, you are helping to “wake up” the thymus gland. After tapping here for a bit, you can switch it up and use the fingers of one hand and tap along the inside of the opposite arm from the shoulder all the way down to the wrist. After tapping along that line a few times, switch to the other arm. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), this area in each arm is an extension of the lungs and heart, so by tapping along this line, you are awakening the lungs and bringing a sense of connection and balance to the respiratory system.

Another point of the body, according to TCM, that relates to the heart center, is located just below the end of the sternum bone and underneath the ribcage. Performing self-massage into this area by gently applying pressure with your fingers can help bring balance into the heart space. Pay attention to any discomfort or tightness you may feel as you move your fingers around and see if you can take a few deep breaths into the tightness and feel a softening occur. I find in my own body that I tend to hold tension here and after working with it, I notice a relief in my breathing and an overall sense of lightness.

I hope you find these techniques helpful, and I also hope that you have a February filled with self-love.

Meagan Coy is a licensed massage therapist and registered yoga teacher and is the owner of M.C.’s Healing Arts in Moab, Utah.

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