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Coping 101
by Alicia Wright

Times feel challenging and have continued to do so. There are glimmering moments when it feels like it will lighten up and then alternatively, times when the heaviness is unbearable. Navigating between these extremes is an evolving artform and in this article, I wish to propose fundamental coping strategies after a direct facing of some of our collective challenges in part by sharing my own story.

With isolation, hostility, uncertainty, judgment, division, separation, confusion, censorship, persecution, and cognitive dissonance programming running in the background while our basic needs take center stage, it's no wonder life feels like we are walking a tightrope above a deep canyon with no safety nets sometimes. How do we cope with this confusing consensus reality when it appears we have little to no input? This is the illusion. Life is not just happening to us; we are ACTIVE participants. Fear of the unknown is real, yet we can dismantle the demons in our mind. When we gain control of ourselves, we can change the way respond to the world around us. This is true liberation and autonomy.

I understand being attacked by an invisible enemy through my own recent challenges. At first, I was hyperaware of foreign pathogens that had disrupted my status quo and I rebuked the invaders with every intervention I could get my hands on. "It" did not go away. I ventured through all of the emotions of grief and finally succumbed to despair when I realized this could potentially be my "new normal". I felt disempowered, helpless and defeated which fed the "monster" inside of me. I hit the wall and no longer wanted to continue living. I finally called for help and was given a life-line of hope. I learned that my underlying beliefs had created an environment for a plethora of parasites+ to thrive, and my fight against them perpetuated their grip. Neutrality is the only way out. In order to heal I had to surrender, drop my story, refocus my attention on vibrant health, and TRUST the process. Consistent practice of feeding my inner power grid released the Kraken's hold on me. I am a microcosm of the macrocosm. My symptoms have not disappeared yet they no longer cause trauma. I'm not buying in and I believe I am being recalibrated into a stronger version of myself. This experience has become one of my greatest allies and has prepared me for present times.

Our minds are powerful. Becoming aware of the impact we have on ourselves and others is a life-altering reality check. Whatever promotes the duality and separation viewpoint creates disconnection therefore a greater susceptibility to infection. A negative thought feeds distortion and dissonance whereas sensations of love, gratitude, and intention have the capacity to heal cellular structure and the course of Nature itself. If water has memory, and we are over 70% water, what can happen if we become conscious of our thoughts and change them into a more positive form? Through the quantum field, we can affect our immunity, human nature, earth systems, and much more beyond our five-senses. Can we integrate and overcome our identity, beliefs, and past experience in order to heal our wounds? What if the whole point of life is our collective evolution? With our awareness and the willingness to adjust our perspective, we can choose to commune into a state of interconnectedness where all possibilities exist.

Do not mistake what I am saying as an excuse to be complacent. It is easy to sit on a cushion cultivating positive vibrations while people go hungry on the street. It is more palatable to think that it is all good and that it will all work out, than to awaken to the crimes against humanity beneath our feet. The underbelly of our existence does not go away by turning a blind eye. On the contrary, until justice is served, our divine essence will continue to be devoured. To think that it doesn't have anything to do with me is convenient yet we are all responsible for what is happening. How will we disentangle malevolent forces of the matrix alive within us? To enter the darkness and end unimaginable suffering, we need courage and conviction. We can leave no one behind. We must all be set free in order to move into wholeness. What will you do?

Coping with the world is something that we have to practice, it is not inherent.
It is easy to resort into negative patterns of anxiety, depression, victimhood or abusive authority. To get out of these self-sabotaging loops, we must create new pathways to interact with the holographic reality screen that is our shared experience. There are as many tools as there are people on this plane of existence. Start by fostering a heart-mind coherence. Here are a few tactics that have helped me along the way:

1. Random Acts of Service
2. Creative Projects/Art/Writing/Music
3. Mantra/Song/Prayer
4. Breathwork
5. Body Movement/Dance/Nature Pilgrimage
6. Meditation/Zen Mind/Visualization
7. Affirmation/Positive Self-Talk/Gratitude List
8. Inspired Media/Documentaries/Books/Audio
9. Call a Friend/Ask for Help
10. Be an Advocate/Activist
11. Ho'oponopono Forgiveness Prayer: I'm sorry—Please forgive me—Thank you—I love you

Practice the Four+ Agreements—Miguel Ruiz
1. Don't take anything personally
2. Don't make assumptions
3. Be impeccable with your word
4. Always do your best
5. Be skeptical—Learn to listen

Accept reality as it is. Be accountable for your experience and response to stimulus. Educate yourself. Hold the sword of truth even when it's unpopular. Show up and do the work. Find your bliss and cultivate your inner life. Treat others the way you wish to be treated. Remember our commonality, abundance, and to give more than we take. There is no one coming to save us; we are the ones we have been waiting for. When the external world no longer influences our internal state without permission, we experience freedom. Dream Big! Imagine our impact... It is up to us!

Expanding the Young Adult Collection

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One Book, One Utah
What if everyone in Utah read the same book, and then joined all those other readers in talking about it?

As part of Thrive125 | Celebrating Utah’s Statehood, the Utah State Library and Utah Humanities are excited to announce One Book, One Utah, a statewide book club that invites all Utahns to read a common book and then come together virtually to enjoy, reflect, and discuss. The program aims to bring Utahns closer together during this time of distance and adversity.

The inaugural book selected for discussion is Virga and Bone: Essays from Dry Places by Craig Childs.
It’s a deeply felt essay collection focusing upon a vivid series of desert icons; a sheet of virga over Monument Valley, white seashells in a dry desert sand, boulders impossibly balanced. Childs delves into the allure of our starkest landscapes and the profound nature of the desert.

Public and tribal libraries throughout Utah will receive copies of the book for checkout, and digital copies may be available through OverDrive depending on your library.

Additional resources, discussion questions, and activity guides may be found at

Join us on May 27th at 7:00 PM for a virtual author talk with Craig Childs to hear his thoughts.
Register here:

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