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What is Sound Healing?
by Jordan Weisenburger, LMT, Sound Therapist

Sound healing is the use of instruments or voice to improve physical and emotional well-being. It dates back thousands of years and there are many forms of it throughout the world. The didgeridoo, drums, rattles, gongs, chimes, bells and flutes are all examples of the types of instruments used. In ancient Chinese culture they knew the healing properties of sound and the word for “medicine” originates from the word “music”.

The main tool I work with as a sound healer is the ancient Himalayan singing bowls. These are a type of bell that rings when struck and sings like a wine glass when the rim is rubbed with a wooden stick. These tools are used to keep oneself in alignment spiritually, emotionally and physically. When used in a spiritual practice they will aid one in tuning into oneself and following the path that is right for them.

They can also be used for physical healing. They don’t actually heal our bodies but make corrections in our programming so our bodies can heal themselves. We contain vast amounts of information and our bodies are constantly healing and regenerating from physical and emotional damage. What the bowls do is repair this information so the body can start to heal naturally.

The bowls can also help us with our emotional health as well by assisting us in letting go of our past experiences that cause us pain.

What can singing bowls do for you?
Many of our problems come from the daily grind of stress and life. We feel fine and then one day we just start having problems. With regular sound healing treatments there’s no need to wait till you have problems to take care of them, you can prevent problems before they start.

What if you already have problems?
In my experience, regular treatments with Himalayan singing bowls can help you heal if you have a pre-existing condition. The bowls I use are old and were created from the culture that developed this healing art. They were made to empower you and create a space in which your body can heal naturally. You are more resilient than you know and given the right conditions you can heal from many ailments, physical, emotional, and spiritual.
To book an appointment call 801-230-1801 and visit my website at

Landscape Worth Training For

Mark Griffith at Dead Horse Point State ParkFall. The changing of seasons signals the time of year when life in Moab enjoys cooler temperatures, autumn foliage, and the beginning of crisp evenings. It’s a good time to take a deep breath and get out into the desert or the mountains. At the Moab Century Tour, you can do both!  Road cyclists will relish in the amazing landscapes Moab has to offer September 18-19 at the seventeenth annual cycling event. From gaining elevation into the La Sal Mountains and Dead Horse Point State Park to carving down red rock canyons and finishing along the Colorado River, this event has landscape worth training for!

You’ll appreciate the grand scale of this place once you’ve ventured far from town under your own ‘skinny’ power down byways known only to a lucky few. Your mind naturally slows down to enjoy the sights, and in the slowing down, you’ll unwind a little. This shift in perspective from the fast pace of our modern lives soaks in slowly and happens best when it’s cool enough to be present in the desert comfortably and enjoyed with close friends.

Diane Dispain wrote “What is more fun than riding a road bike in such an amazing area! You get to see the beautiful scenery, stop and take pictures whenever, and be treated to great snack and lunches! 

 The Moab Century Tour is the fall road cycling event Skinny Tire Events organizer Mark Griffith founded after losing his older brother to cancer. Along with the spring Skinny Tire Festival, the events have been organized to support the fight against cancer, creating an experience where survivorship and research toward a cure is the focus.  Every participant contributes to the Moab Healthcare Foundation/Cancer Treatment Center and many groups use the events to fundraise for cancer survivorship programs in their own communities.

Whatever your reason for coming to the Moab area this fall or spring, be it the physical challenge of a bike ride or the chance to make a difference against cancer, let yourself relax into the beauty and be restored. For more information visit

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