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Local Newlyweds Start
Mobile iV Therapy Company

Moab locals Brittany Cantwell and Glen Maxson are used to BASE jumping off the cliffs surrounding Moab, but now, they are jumping into a new adventure. The newlywed couple has started a new business, offering mobile IV therapy to both residents and visitors of the Moab area.

Brittany says the idea for the business came after riding the 100+ mile long White Rim trail on a particularly hot September weekend.

Glen remembers it being after he took a wrong turn on a trail and ran an “accidental half marathon with no water”.

The couple may not agree on when the exact “Ah-ha” moment was, but they will agree that they saw a need for a new service and Moab Mobile iV was born.

Providing intravenous therapy is nothing new for these two. Brittany obtained her RN license in 2016 and has been working as a nurse (RN,BSN) in Moab for the past 5 years. Glen is a paramedic with 14 years on the job. They also work with a local physician who oversees operations as the company’s medical director.

The client spending a big day outside; hiking, biking, climbing, or off-roading, and realizing she/he needs to rehydrate fast and efficiently was the original customer that inspired this business. “When you get to a point of dehydration that isn’t hard to reach in the Moab environment, it takes a long time to get back to a healthy level of hydration and feeling good. Most visitors to Moab or locals who love to play hard outside don’t have that kind of time. IV therapy is the fastest, most efficient way to provide your body with the fluids and electrolytes needed to rehydrate and feel your best.” -Glen

“And it’s not just about hydration.” Brittany says “A large portion of our customers are looking at IV therapy as a way to take better care of their immune systems and overall health. The wellness package, a powerhouse of vitamins and electrolytes, is our most popular package by far!” When you take vitamins by mouth, they must be absorbed through your digestive tract, a process that can be extremely inefficient. Only a very small percentage of vitamins taken orally make it to your blood stream where they can be used by your body. When you get vitamins or medications through IV therapy, 100% of the product is “bio available” or goes into your blood stream where it can be used throughout your body." -Brittany

The couple says operating Moab Mobile iV has been one of the most positive experiences of their professional careers. “We love helping people feel better, and we feel incredibly grateful that people trust us to come into their homes, listen to their specific needs, do a physical assessment, and help them to feel their best.” -Brittany

To learn more or schedule an appointment with Moab Mobile iV, go to their website at

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