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The Science Behind the Hangover
by Moab Mobile iV

At Moab Mobile iV, we donít support excessive drinking. We do on the other hand support helping you to feel your best. In fact thatís our mission statement; To promote the the health and well being of the citizens and visitors of the Moab area. To help them feel their best, and in return by feeling their best they will change our small corner of the world for the better. By being happier, kinder, and all around better humans.

We donít judge and we understand that sometimes even one beer can leave you feeling like trash the next day. But have you ever wondered why?

We did the research so you donít have to!

In fact, we have the perfect solution to those hangover blues! Moab Mobile iV comes to you, no need to move from your couch. We will have you up and out the door, ready to enjoy everything Moab has to offer before you know it.

Ever wondered why you have to go to the bathroom more than normal when you are at the bar? I am sure that you have heard that many hangover symptoms result from dehydration, but why?

When we drink alcohol, it inhibits the body from producing a hormone called vasopressin. Vasopressin is responsible for telling the kidneys to retain fluids in the body and when it is repressed, we end up urinating more than normal (multiple trips to the bathroom while drinking anyone?), leaving us in a state of dehydration the next day. Hello excess thirst, fatigue, and headache. The base ingredient of our Hangover package at Moab Mobile iV is 1000ml of fluids (Normal Saline) to get you rehydrated fast and efficiently.

Next up, the dreaded stomachache, queasiness, and even vomiting. When we drink alcohol, it increases the acid that our stomach produces and it delays our stomach from emptying, irritating the lining of our stomach and causing you some serious tummy issues. After the upset stomach, you have nausea and vomiting. Once you start vomiting it can be hard to stop, and the nausea can make it hard to get any food or fluids down while trying to recover from your hangover.

Thankfully, we have a cure for that upset stomach. Zofran, a prescription strength antinausea medication. While originally intended to treat nausea and vomiting associated with chemotherapy, it has been found to be so effective and have such low risk of side effects that it has become one of the most widely used prescriptions in medicine. We can put Zofran directly into your IV and cure your nausea almost instantly, allowing you to eat, rest, and keep down additional fluids.

Next up on the freight train of symptoms: Inflammation, inflammation, inflammation. Studies have shown that when we consume alcohol, the ethanol in our blood stream increases the levels of CRP or C-reactive Proteins, a marker for inflammation. Excess inflammation causes us to have brain fog, difficulty concentrating, achy bodies, and headaches.
We have just the medication to combat inflammation! Toradol is a Non-steroidal Anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID). What does that mean? This drug works by inhibiting prostaglandins, or the hormone your body releases to cause inflammation. Say goodbye to headaches, body aches, and that overall foggy feeling the day after a big night out.

Finally, how about the anxious feeling creeping up on you. There are two factors that contribute to hangover anxiety. First, when we consume alcohol, it causes inflammation in the digestive tract, leading to poor absorption of many vitamins and minerals, particularly our B vitamins.

Thiamine (b1) deficiency can cause loss of appetite, increased heart rate, fatigue, and irritability. Sound familiar? B12 absorption is also affected by alcohol consumption and deficiencies may cause anxiety, decreased energy levels, and decreased cognition.

We include B complex and B12 in our hangover iV package to assist your body in maintaining healthy levels of these essential vitamins. B vitamins are also said to help protect your liver and nervous system from alcohol related damage.

Itís so easy to overdo it, especially when youíre enjoying your vacation. If you find yourself having a little too much fun and paying for it the next day, send us an email or book online at We will have you off the couch and back on the trails in no time.

Learn To Scuba Dive Here In Moab

Local, Kat Barbe, is a PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer and is starting classes here in Moab this June!

Get qualified to dive worldwide! Discover the wonders of scuba diving and the other 70% of earth! Help become a ambassador to preserving our world underwater!

Kat and her husband Randy live here in Moab and have previously lived on the island of Roatan, Honduras, for many years. They have spent over 30 years diving the Mesoamerican Reef, the worldís second largest reef.

Kat is now offering scuba diving lessons right here in Moab. The Open Water Diver course is the beginner level to learning scuba. In this course you will first learn all the theory and terminology behind scuba diving. This is done at your leisure through E-Learning. You will then learn and become comfortable with the basic scuba skills in the Moab Recreation and Aquatic and Center pool. Your first experience breathing under water! That will take place June 11-12.
After you become proficient with the skills in the pool we will schedule four Open Water dives, in an open water environment (lake or ocean setting) where you will perform some of the skills you learned in the pool.

After you complete the four open water dives you will become a certified PADI Open Water Diver. You now have the skills and knowledge to dive anywhere in the world!

Thatís not allÖ. SUMMER SCUBA KIDíS CAMPS are going to be offered as well! Kids 8 yrs old and up can join Kat and her assistant to a week of action- packed PADI Seal Team! In a very controlled setting, in only 4-6í of water, the kidís will complete exciting AquaMissions snorkeling, playing water games, breathing underwater, swimming effortlessly with the sensation of being weightless and learning to scuba dive in a very easy, fun setting! Monday-Friday for 2 hours a day. No experience necessary, but kids should be comfortable in the water and parental approval is required. Actual dates to be announced soon!

This is a rare opportunity for our community and hopefully weíll have enough interest to make Scuba Diving in Moab a regular course available for all. Please email or call Kat for more information and sign up! Limited number of students, so call NOW!

For more information:
385-485-7044 and be sure to mention you read about Kat & Randy in Moab Happenings

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