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Dehydration, Signs, Symptoms, and Solutions
by Moab Mobile iV

Moab Mobile iV is Moab’s first and only mobile iV therapy company. Next month we will be celebrating our one year anniversary of opening as a business. We have enjoyed the process of growth and better serving our community and visitors to the area over the past year.

All of our iV therapy treatments include a liter of Normal Saline, and various cocktails of vitamins and medications, aimed at improving the health and wellness of our clients. As the summer is in full swing, the temperatures outside are continuing to increase and taking in enough fluids in this dry, hot desert is becoming more and more difficult. People often begin to feel the effects of dehydration and heat injury, but what exactly does that mean?

By definition, dehydration is fluid volume depletion within the body, including both water and salts. This can occur through a multitude of ways including sweating in the heat. Believe it or not, when exercising in a hot, dry climate (Summer time in Moab) we can easily lose more than 1-2 liters of fluid per hour through sweating! If this fluid isn’t being replaced, dehydration occurs.

Symptoms of dehydration can range from mild to severe, depending on how much fluid volume has been lost. Symptoms are caused by decreased blood volume leading to less blood and oxygen being delivered to different areas of the body. Early symptoms include fatigue, muscle cramps, low urine volume, and dizziness.

When we sweat, we lose salts from our bodies as well as water. This loss of salt can lead to electrolyte imbalances. Symptoms of electrolyte imbalances include muscle weakness, confusion, increased rate of breathing, and can even cause seizures at extreme levels. If you think you are someone with you is experiencing severe dehydration and electrolyte imbalances, get to an emergency room.

So what can we do to prevent dehydration in this hot, dry climate? First step is to know your limits! When planning your trip to Moab, take into consideration the elevation and climate of your home, your level of physical fitness, and general health. Plan accordingly. If you begin to feel overly fatigued, dizzy, nauseated, it’s time to take a break in some shade. Second, bring plenty of water to drink and include electrolyte mixes to replace electrolytes lost. It is recommended to bring 1 liter of water per hour of hiking in hot environments. Don’t forget that in this dry climate, sweat evaporates quickly so you could be losing much more fluid than you even realize. Hydrating beforehand can also be helpful in preventing a dehydration situation.

If you finish your hike, mountain bike, trail run, day of climbing, jeeping, day on the river, or whatever the case may be and feel you may have over done it, give Moab Mobile iV a try. Our Normal Saline solution provides water and salts in the same concentration as your blood and is the fastest and most efficient way to replace fluid volume lost. We can have you back to feeling your best in no time! Visit our website at to learn more or book an appointment and stay safe out there! And be sure to mention you read about it in the Moab Happenings.

You Don’t Have to Live with Pain
by Ray Andrew, MD

In the 1970s, I was enamored by the television shows The Six Million Dollar Man and The Bionic Woman. In the former, USAF Colonel Steve Austin suffered life-threatening injuries during a NASA test flight accident. His body was rebuilt with superhuman strength, speed, and vision due to bionic implants. Subsequently, professional tennis player Jaime Sommers became critically injured during a skydiving accident. She, too, was rebuilt with bionic surgical implants, enabling her to hear low volumes over long distances, jump great heights, and run faster than 60 mph.

Nearly 50 years after these popular TV shows, biomedical engineers and surgeons have yet to endow humans with the powers given to Austin and Sommers. However, in recent years, we have been able to harness the miraculous power of the human body to heal itself with the assistance of stem cells, exosomes, platelet-rich plasma, ozone, peptides, and related treatments. Recovery from injuries and dysfunction that used to be thought impossible has become commonplace. Instead of merely suppressing pain for hours at a time using manmade chemicals, the tools of regenerative medicine have enabled countless people to lead normal lives again, free of pain. Such people have been able to go back to activities they thought were a thing of the past in their lives.

Whereas many of our patients have benefited from these remarkable advances, some of these treatments are regrettably no longer available in the United States, in spite of their remarkable track record. Fortunately, continued innovation has enabled Prestige Wellness Institute—in Springville and Moab—to become the first regenerative medicine office in Utah to offer noninvasive stem cell signaling technology as part of our complete healing program. Whereas the now-outlawed stem cell injections required an investment of thousands of dollars per treated area, we are able to treat damaged tissues for a fraction of the cost.

Imagine not needing surgery for that joint, tendon, or muscle pain! Whereas surgery can be a godsend in cases of acute trauma, you can recover remarkably fast and well from a wide range of injuries and conditions without ever subjecting yourself to the risks and irreversibility of the knife. Save that for the more severe and life-threatening problems. For everything else, wouldn’t it make more sense to let your own body do the healing?

How can you do this? Founded upon sound scientific principles, our program enables you to restore healthy function not only to the damaged area, but also to your entire body. This is important because no damage—whether you break a bone, tear a ligament, bruise a muscle, herniate a disc in your spine, or wear out a joint—occurs in isolation. Multiple forces contribute to the injury or impairment. Those same forces will both impair healing and lead to additional dysfunction down the road.

For example, when you have arthritis in a joint, the shrinking of the cartilage doesn’t just come from the proverbial “wear and tear.” Low-grade chronic infection, systemic inflammation, reduced blood flow, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, hormonal disturbances, metabolic dysfunction (including insulin resistance), toxicity, and impaired energy production in each cell all contribute to joint pain and cartilage loss. Even if you do undergo surgery, if you have not identified and treated these other contributing factors, you have only bought yourself some time until that same or another joint suffers the same problem again.

In medicine today, we have been conditioned to believe that the site of pain is where the problem is. This makes logical sense. If you break your arm and your arm hurts, it’s pretty obvious that’s where the problem is. When you have chronic pain, however, whether it’s in your wrist, knee, back, head, or anywhere else, this often stems from a combination of local and systemic problems. If your only goal is to get rid of that pain temporarily, you can take an anti-inflammatory drug or pain pill, receive steroid injections periodically, or undergo surgery.

But if you want to both get rid of the immediate pain and prevent future pains and long-term health problems, you want a true regenerative medicine program. This means removing toxic and infectious interference, restoring mitochondrial (energy-producing) function, recruiting stem cells to sites of tissue damage, stimulating your own body’s repair processes, and increasing blood flow.

To get started, a simple thing you can try at home is to eliminate from your diet inflammatory foods like sugar, dairy, and gluten for a month. Many people find that dietary modification alone is life-changing. When the problem is more serious than that, we recommend a comprehensive regenerative medicine program of evaluation and treatment tailored to your specific needs.

Pain is like a warning light on your car’s dashboard. You can put a piece of tape over it in the form of a daily drug, but this does not address the underlying danger. Nor does it restore the health and vitality you need to enjoy hiking, biking, traveling, dancing, gardening, playing with kids or grandkids, or whatever it is that brings you meaning, joy, and rejuvenation.

Our unique program gives your body the tools it needs to heal faster than ever so you can get back to doing what you love without pain and without drugs. Call our offices at 435-210-0184 to schedule an appointment to see if our program is right for you.

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