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Get Back in the Game…Fast
by Ray Andrew, MD

 If you’ve ever been injured, ill, or had surgery, you know it can take a long time to recover. Pain is just the beginning of your problems. Anesthesia throws a lot of people for a loop. While most people recover uneventfully, others take weeks to get back to normal, and some never feel or function the same again. I only know because I meet them in the office years later. The brain can really take a hit from the chemicals used to put you to sleep and keep you alive while the surgeon is doing his or her magic on your damaged body parts. Surgery itself gives your adrenal glands a good kick in the butt, as evidenced by weeks of recovery, or even chronic fatigue in a subset of people.

If you are like me when I had extensive oral surgery, broke my clavicle, and had orthopedic surgery, you don’t have months, weeks, or even days to recover. You’ve got plans. Whether it’s going on a trip, getting back to work, getting back on your bike, simply getting out of pain, or whatever, you don’t have time to lay in bed or sit around watching Netflix while your body does what it was designed to do.

Is it possible to speed up the process? Having been conditioned to believe healing just takes time and rest, you might not think so. But all it takes is one person to disprove decades of tradition and practice. Better yet, how about a whole class of people? Think about professional athletes. They and their teammates and owners—and a lot of other people—depend on them playing every single game they can. Tens of millions of dollars are at stake. Do you think for a minute that they sit around and wait to heal after injuries and/or surgeries? Of course not. Yes, they do physical therapy and have excellent trainers. But they also avail themselves of all the latest tools most people have never heard about.

The reason you have never heard about these tools is because they don’t involve drugs. Unlike my broken clavicle, many injuries don’t require surgery—just some cutting-edge tools we use in the office on a daily basis. Although a speedy recovery can require an investment, you don’t have to be a pro athlete to afford it. At Prestige Wellness Institute, we utilize a comprehensive approach to giving the body everything it needs to recover in a hurry.

Granted, neither we nor our tools heal you. We just give your body all the supplies it needs and help it speed up the process. This means providing your mitochondria the nutrients they need for energy. It means using specific proteolytic enzymes to help your body remove and recycle damaged cells. It means using signaling molecules and individualized electromagnetic frequencies to supercharge your repair fibroblasts. It means employing natural anti-inflammatory molecules to reduce pain and calm down inappropriate cytokine activation. It may even mean using soundwaves to recruit your own stem cells to the area of damage. If you have been ill and just can't seem to kick it, you may also take advantage of adrenal support along with immune-supporting and immune-modulating molecules.

Using these tools, I had extensive oral surgery, attended a national medical conference in another state (with a broken clavicle), then had orthopedic surgery, all in the span of six days--and did not miss a single day of work. I was back on my mountain bike—EZ’ing into it at Bar M—21 days (instead of 10 weeks) after surgery.

If people depend on you, or you just cannot afford to be on the sidelines while the game of life continues around you, call 435-210-0184 to get started on your journey to rapid recovery.

Live Free, Age Well!
by Kelly Michaud

Imagine a body that moves easier, sleeps better, and has improved vitality. I invite you to check out the MELT Method, a gentle self-treatment system that restores the supportiveness of the body's connective tissues to eliminate chronic pain, improve performance, and decrease the accumulated stress caused by injury, repetitive postures, and movements of everyday living.

MELT (stands for Myofascial Energetic Length Technique) uses balls, a soft roller, and bands to reconnect, rebalance, and rehydrate your fascia to a healthy, supportive state. More space in the fascia equals more ease in the nervous system.

Curious about fascia? It’s a continuous web of collagen fibers (known as connective tissue) that creates a body-wide tensional force. If one piece of the web experiences trauma, the whole system is affected and shifted out of balance. More organization and balance in the fascial network equals more fluidity in breathing and movement.

A 13 ft fall in my 20’s gave me the opportunity to explore some alternative routes to continue exploring and finding adventure. First along the path, Structural Integration helped me understand that I didn’t need to be fixed…I needed some help remembering what my body already knew, it had just been forgotten through life’s traumas (what we call “stuck stress” in MELT). Through another lens, my yoga practice has allowed me to connect into the subtle body, as well. I journeyed through a Yamuna ball practice for some years. And now in this present time, MELT’s fascial rehydration program aids me in my home/riverside self-care to rediscover balance in my system. I really enjoy the versatility of ways to speak to the tissues and the nervous system with a small ball and soft roller. This makes MELT’ing on the go easy!

Come learn how to MELT! Gift yourself a care habit that will help present-self and future-self! 6-Week MELT Method series November 16 - December 21, Wednesdays @ NOON Sundari Yoga 1105 South US-191 #3 $90 6-class series/$20 Drop-in Taught by Kelly Michaud: Structural Integration Practitioner (Shift Structural Integration), 200 Hr Yoga Instructor, MELT Method Practitioner

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