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Water Adventures Happenings - May 2018
Float along the San Juan River with a guided river rafting tour

Twisting and turning its way through southeastern Utah, the San Juan River is the perfect place to cool off during the hot summer months. Travel along this 383-mile long river to experience some of Utah’s most beautiful and unique land features, as the river runs from the mountain tops to the desert floor.

The San Juan River and its surrounding areas offer many great activities, including hiking, camping and sightseeing. One of the best ways to enjoy all that the river offers is through a guided river rafting tour. The San Juan River provides one of the country’s most unique desert river rafting trips because of the area’s scenery, geology and archeology.

Approximately 100 miles of the river is accessible to rafts, canoes and kayaks. This accessible area is split into two different sections: the upper and the lower. The upper section starts at Bluff and stretches for 27 miles to Mexican Hat, and the lower section starts at Mexican Hat and travels for 58 miles, ending at Clay Hills by Lake Powell.

Between these two sections, those floating on the river will experience sandstone bluffs, deep canyons and Lake Powell. Adventurers who float these parts will see a wide variety of amazing scenery, including the gorge of Goosenecks State Park, the ruins and petroglyphs of Bears Ears National Monument and the wide-open desert landscapes of the west.

Not only will a guided river rafting tour take adventurers to unique sites, but also assist with the permits required for some activities. Permits are needed to float along some parts of the San Juan River as well as to hike and camp in Navajo lands and some federal lands. Wild River Expeditions and Canyon Country Discovery Center are the perfect tour guides that will meet all of these permit and adventure needs.

Wild River Expeditions offers five different guided river rafting tours that range from day trips to multi-day excursions. The runnable area of the San Juan River is split into two different sectors, the upper and the lower, which the expedition guide bases its tours on. Wild River Expeditions offers three different river trips in the upper part and two in the lower.

The river guide company provides waterproof bags and boxes for personal items. Wild River Expeditions also supplies sleeping bags, pads and tents, but those items need to be reserved in advance. The company also provides and prepares all the meals for the multi-day expeditions and assists with all permit requirements. Wild River Expeditions offers river trips from March to October.

Canyon Country Discovery Center provides one single-day trip and three multi-day tours. The shorter tours are floated on the upper section of the San Juan River, whereas, one of the longer tours runs from the upper to the lower section and another tour is only on the lower. The company also offers five different types of river rafting signature trips for adults that runs for one specific week. These trips are held at different times from March to September.

To help with the travel, Canyon Country Discovery Center schedules all of its rafting trips to start late afternoon on the first day and end early on the last. A minimum number of participants are required in order to book a regular river rafting tour. Also, for the signature tours, be sure to book in advance because these tours have a limited number of seats and the spots fill up fast. The company also provides meals, snacks, dry backs and more for all river trips.Canyon Country Discovery Center offers river trips from April to October, conditions allowing.

With both of these river guide outfitters, you will receive more than just a river tour, but an entire adventure. So what are you waiting for? Let your river experience start today. To learn more about river rafting on the San Juan River and how to book a trip with Wild River Expeditions or Canyon Country Discovery Center, visit

Back Of Beyond Paddle Race

For the 5th year in a year, Moab’s local stand up paddle board company, Paddle Moab is presenting the Back Of Beyond Paddle Race. Paddle Moab owner, Josh Surkes, wanted to find a way to bring together anyone interested in paddle boarding for a great community event.

One might ask, what is a paddle race? Imagine with me for a moment, a 10k running race. Now take that race, add paddle boards and the beautiful Colorado River. There are 3 race divisions Elite, Open and Youth. The Back of Beyond Paddle race course starts at Historic Dewey Bridge, travels 7 miles down scenic Postcard Alley, then finishes at Hittle Bottom Boat Ramp.

The finish has more of a festival feel than a post race. Once racers finish, there is always live music, free food, drinks, a great raffle give aways, followed by an award ceremony where the top 3 racers from each category win prizes. I know you must be thinking, “that sounds fun but I am not so great on a paddle board” That is part of the fun! This race is open to all ability and skill levels. However, if you are still nervous, the Back Of Beyond staff have teamed up with 4 time champion and owner of Park City SUP, Trent Hickman, to offer a race and paddle board clinic on May 11. Trent will offer great tips and strategies on how to be a better stand up paddle boarder as well as tips and tricks specific to this course to make your race even better.

Back Of Beyond staff have also teamed up with Moab local and Badfish SUP Team Racer, Natali Zollinger who will be offering a whitewater clinic the following day. Paddle Moab has done a great job building a stand up paddle board event where anyone is welcome. The Back Of Beyond Paddle Race is one of the best. It has a great sense of community, fun, and an energy level that cannot be topped. For more details or to register for the race visit

Family Friendly River Humor

Howdy folks it’s me, Swirlin’ Eddy, floatin’ and groovin’ my way around in river currents just like I have for eons. The fact is, a river trip is such a popular Moab activity to pursue with a family because it appeals to all ages. Most humans benefit in a host of ways from floating a river even just for a day. Stresses melt away and they can become more fully present, a part of nature in this spectacular place. And this sense of total presence allows for some serious fun, togetherness and tomfoolery along the way. I want to share with you one thing I really enjoy about floating folks ‘n’ boats on the Colorado River in the Moab area. Hiding under rafts, kayaks, and paddle boards I have overheard a good selection of family humor that I am going to share with you! If you go boating, share these with your guide or your fellow boaters and enjoy as a stream of everybody’s favorite jokes unfolds. Word to the wise: keep it rated G for the young’uns!

• Why are Australian bears the best river guides?
Because they are highly koalafied.
• What did the pirate say on her 80th birthday?
“Aye, Matey!”
• How do river guides get to work? Rapid transit.
• My friend said to me, “What rhymes with orange?” I said, no it doesn’t.
• I couldn’t figure our why that basketball kept getting larger. And then it hit me!
• My buddy was standing across the river. He shouted, “Hey, can you help me get to the other side?” I shouted back, “Dude, you ARE on the other side!”

This should get you started. Enjoy each other, soak up your surroundings, and be safe out there!
Wild West Voyages of Moab offers guided daily river trips, high quality equipment rentals and river shuttle service. Raft, kayak, or stand up paddle: All Trails Lead to the River! Give them a call at 435-355-0776 to arrange your river day, or visit

Check out Swirlin’ Eddy’s River Blog at

Community Action: Renewables and Water Conservation
The City of Moab has always been influenced by, and is determined to sustain, natural resources. Exemplifying the City’s long history of environmental stewardship, Moab became the first United States Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA) Green Power Community in the nation. With this as a backdrop, the City recognizes the need to continue to lead in promoting energy efficiency and renewable energy community-wide and regionally. To this end, the City recently completed a Community Energy Plan with the assistance of local business owners, HOAs, County officials, Rocky Mountain Power and interested residents. The Plan prioritizes impactful actions to make progress on its goals and in support of the Global Covenant of Mayors, signed in 2017. One strategy includes a Sustainable Business Program: Green to Gold which includes free energy audits performed by Ponderosa Energy Consultants or earning recognition for Bee- Inspired landscaping. Additionally, Moab was selected as one of ten national teams to participate in the Solar Energy Innovation Network. The Network is a collaborative research effort focused on developing long-term, solar-enhanced grid reliability and resiliency.

A special thanks to all the residents that participated in the Water Challenge last month. Community members saved $1,244 and 177755 gallons of water. Congratulations to the prize drawing winners: Silver Turner (Kids), Youth Garden (Kids) and Maggie Corson (Adult).

May Events: Bee- Inspired Bike Tour May 5th 11:00 – Youth Garden.
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