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Business Happenings - August 2002

UPDATE: NOVEMBER 2010 - The business described in this article is no longer in business. These services are now provided by Moab Luxury Coach (435-940-4212). Read about Moab Luxury Coach here.

by Charlotte Mates

What is the most reliable public transportation between southeastern Utah and Salt Lake City? The answer is without a doubt the services provided by the Bighorn Express Shuttle. This much needed, affordable transportation option was started in 1996 by a couple from Monticello. In 1999, Robyn and Alan Blackburn along with a “sleeping partner” acquired ownership. In July of 2002, Bighorn Express once again changed ownership when it was purchased by Utah Shuttle Services of Salt Lake City.

The Continental Trailways Bus stopped operating through Moab over 25 years ago and since then reliable, convenient and affordable public transportation was not regularly available in the Moab area until the Bighorn Express began operations in 1996.

The reasons for riding the Bighorn Express Shuttle range from being without reliable transportation to just wanting to have the ease of being a passenger and enjoying the scenery along the way. The Shuttle is also a very good option for those who, for health or other reasons, cannot make the drive themselves.

The Bighorn Express is a great way to get to the Salt Lake International Airport without the hassle of driving through heavy traffic. To meet customers needs, Bighorn requests arriving flight information for passengers from SLC – this tracks peoples’ flights so driver can wait up to maximum of 15 minutes for a delayed flight. The Bighorn Express Shuttle operates North out of Moab to Salt Lake City as well as Green River, Price and Orem, and south out of Moab to Monticello, Utah. Charter service is available for any size group. Departure times could be customized to meet your need.

Special arrangements can be made to transport bicycles. You will be requested to box or wrap (cardboard will do) so bikes don’t damage other luggage; likewise, cardboard will provide some protection for bicycle(s) from other luggage items.

Charlotte Mates distributes Moab Happenings in Salt Lake City and takes a trip once a month on the shuttle instead of driving herself. She also takes this opportunity to visit her family and friends and spend time with her two grandgirls. “I make at least one new friend each trip. I can also spend time reading or sleeping and leave the driving to Bighorn Express.” says Charlotte.

Patrick Meador uses this convenient means of transportation frequently. His only complaint is that Bighorn does not offer the same service to Grand Junction. Patrick’s grandfather Parry Meador operated the Cannonball Express from Durango, Colorado to Salt Lake City in the 1950s, so riding the shuttle seems a natural means of transportation to him.

Bill Thompson likes the reliability of Bighorn Express Shuttle to pick up his children at the Salt Lake Airport and has no dependable transportation of his own. “I cannot always depend on my friends for rides because our schedules differ.” he adds.

The Bighorn Shuttle operates 7 days a week during the “High Season” from February 24th to January 5th. In the “Low Season,” January 6th to February 23rd, the shuttle operates Friday, Saturday and Sunday only. Utah Shuttle Services pride themselves on hiring only top-notch professional drivers for their shuttle services.
Examples of current one-way fares are: $24 from Moab to either Monticello or Green River. Moab to or from Price is $33. Salt Lake City to or from Moab is $49. Passengers can board Bighorn Express at various pre-determined locations in these communities.

COMING SOON … Bighorn PackageXpress, Freight Service utilizing our same route. Shipping rates and information will be available at

For reservations/information please call toll free 1-888-655-7433 or go online to the internet at (See the ad in this issue of Moab Happenings on page 17A). When making reservations be sure to mention you read about them in Moab Happenings!

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