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Cycling HAPPENINGS August 2019

Article courtesy of Rim Tours Mountain Bike Adventures 1233 S. Hwy 191, 435-259-5223

Moab Mountain Biking Guide
for Beginners and Low-Intermediate Riders
By Franklin Seal, Rim Tours Mountain Bike Adventures

Beginner Trails

  • Bar M
    • Trail Head: Moab Brands Trailhead 10.6 miles from town. Drive north on Hwy 191, turn right at sign for Moab Brands, follow gravel road to large parking lot with pit toilets.
    • Distance: 8.8 miles in a loop
    • Description: Much of the trail is the width of a typical jeep road with gradually sloping hills. Surfaces are mostly packed dirt, with some slickrock sections (which can be bumpy) and some short sandy sections. Rim Tours offers a half-day guided ride of this trail called The Courthouse Loop. Bike, helmet, water bottle, snacks and ground transportation are included.
  • Rusty Spur
    • Trail Head: same as above
    • Distance: 1.6 miles end to end
    • Description: This trail is a side trail that begins and ends at different points off the paved bike path that runs from Moab out to Moab Brands and beyond. It is singletrack, mostly flat, with gentle turns winding through low blackbrush, an excellent trail for your first singletrack experience. Can be included in the Courthouse Loop guided tour.
  • Agate / Jurassic
    • Trail Head: North Klondike Trails / Little Valley 24.6 miles from town. Drive north on Hwy 191 a total distance of 22.9 miles, which will take you 6.5 miles beyond the airport to a dirt road on the right hand side of the highway. The road is the Copper Ridge Jeep Safari Route, and it will double-back somewhat parallel to the highway for half a mile, then head east. Veer right at the fork. Park at the Little Valley parking area.
    • Distance: 3.9 miles in a loop
    • Description: Smooth beginner singletrack, fast and flowy with no technical obstacles and only short gentle climbs. This is also offered as a half-day guided tour (special request the beginner version.)


Low-Intermediate Trails

  • Lazy / EZ Loop
    • Trail Head: same as Bar M above
    • Distance: 3.7 miles in a loop
    • Description: 95% singletrack, with a few large trailside boulders as fun obstacles – easily avoided – plus fast flowy serpentine sections – great for trying out higher speed sweeping turns. Can be included by request in a half-day Moab Brands guided tour.

  • Dead Horse Point Singletrack
    • Trail Head: Dead Horse Point State Park Visitor Center Parking Lot, 33.2 miles from Moab. Drive north out of town 11 miles on Hwy 191 to Hwy 313. Turn left and drive 14.6 miles. Turn left at intersection, drive 7 miles to entrance booth ($20 fee) then on to the Visitor Center, a short distance beyond.
    • Distance: The trail network has numerous interconnected sections that can be combined in different ways. A standard moderate tour out to Big Chief is about 8 miles in a loop. Longer loops can be created up to 20 miles.
    • Description: Amazing views, machine-built singletrack that is slightly wider than many hand-built trails, rolling terrain with moderate climbing. This route is also offered as a half-day guided tour throughout the season, or as a full-day tour (spring or fall only).

  • Klondike Bluff Trail
    • Trail Head: Klondike Bluff Trailhead is 19.5 miles north of town. Take Hwy 191 16.5 miles north to a dirt road that is well signed, bearing off to the right about 1 mile before the airport. It is about 3 miles along the dirt road until you reach the main parking lot, which is well marked.
    • Distance: 9.4 miles out and back, with a short hike available at the turnaround point looking down into the heart of Arches National Park.
    • Description: First 1.5 miles is flat riding a jeep road crisscrossing a (usually) dry wash, then 3.5 miles of steady low angle climbing across several miles of slanted slickrock, gaining 850 feet to the top of a ridge. Then reverse the route, or take one of several singletrack options off to the north for the more advanced riders. Guided tours are available.

Moab is also famous for its more advanced trails, including these below:

Intermediate Trails

Advanced Trails

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