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Moab Live Music

Live Music Locations
      Moab Backyard Theater
56 N. 100 South
Behind Zax Restaurant

Wednesdays feature the famous Bluegrass Night at the theater at 7pm, featuring the music of Quicksand Soup. They keep old-time traditional music alive and also feature original songs, backed by some of the finest pickers in the region.
Free admission

Thursdays, starting at 7pm Quicksand Soup, will perform 45 minutes of Western, and then 45 minutes of Country Gospel. Free admission

Fridays are the eclectic honky-tonk and Jazz stylings of Juniper Drive at 7pm - Free admission

Saturdays at 7pm, there is a popular magic show featuring the acclaimed magic of Rick Boretti. The show is not only mystifying but also filled with great humor. Adults and kids alike are entertained by what has become the longest running outdoor magic show in the southwest.   There is an admission charge for magic.

Bring your own food and drink, be entertained and watch the sunset too!

Moab Downtown Entertainment in the middle of another Big Season

Quicksand SoupNot only are there plenty of natural wonders to see in Moab, there’s also lots of fun entertainment available right downtown. Moab hosts a thriving music scene. If you’re looking for something totally different, there’s the Moab Backyard Theater, located right in the heart of downtown. It’s open to all ages and great fun for grown-ups and kids alike.

The Backyard Theater is one of the only open-air entertainment venues in the west, a throwback to the old west days when traveling shows entertained culture-starved pioneers on the dusty streets of the frontier towns. Located just a half-block off Main street in downtown, The Backyard Theater features Magic and Music four nights a week. The stage sits beneath a giant cottonwood tree that is older than the town itself. In its fifth year of operation, the theater has entertained thousands of people from all over the world. They come to see an old-fashioned type of American entertainment that has all but vanished in the rest of the country.

Rick BorettiEvery Wednesday, traditional bluegrass music returns to the theater. The band Quicksand Soup performs old-time standards and unique originals starting at 7 pm. The free show has become a downtown fixture over the last few years and it’s common to see both locals and tourists alike tapping their toes.

Thursday, Quicksand Soup sings Gospel, Western and classic country. Saturdays, Moab’s only downtown Magic show returns with the award-winning magic of Rick Boretti. Rick’s hilarious routine changes constantly, but always involves lots of wisecracks and mystifying magic tricks. Folks have been known to return year after year for the show. Kids love Rick’s magic, but adults are often amazed at how much they love it too. If you haven’t caught a real magic show in a while, then you might have forgotten how fun they can be. Shows start at 7. Music is always free.

Magic Prices are 10 dollars for folks over 12 and 5 dollars for kids over 3. 3 and under are free. allows outside food and drink as well. It is located just behind Zax at 56 W. 100 South.

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