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Moab Happenings is published by Canyonlands Advertising Inc. of Moab, Utah
and is provided free as a visitor information guide throughout
Grand and San Juan Counties, Salt Lake City, Utah.
Grand Junction, Palisade, Clifton, Fruita, Loma, Delta, Montrose, Colorado.
Mailed monthly subscriptions are available.

Articles and photos of area attractions or local historic sites are welcome and may be used at the editor's discretion.

Advertising rates are available upon request.


Theresa King, Steve Budelier

Production/Graphic Design
Weston Bartosh,
Steve Budelier,
Allyson Mathis,
Christopher Pearce,
Patrick Paul René,
& Theresa King

Moab Circulation
Jeff Barron
GayleAnn Behunin
Theresa Butler
Cathy Churampi
Ron & Mary Nemac
Richard Salvitti

Theresa King

Contributing Writers
Damian Fagan
Martin Lockley
Allyson Mathis
David Mathis
Jessica Turquette
Shari Zollinger
Sharon Sullivan

Steve Budelier
Patrick Paul René

Events Calendar
Theresa King

Steve Budelier
Patrick Paul René

Heather Dalton


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