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Moab UT (at City Hall)
38O34’ N Latitude
109O33’ W Longitude
4048 ft - 1234 m

Moab Dark Skies, a Year in Review
By Crystal White


Sunrise-Sunset for November(The time of sunrise and sunset assumes a flat horizon. Actual time may vary depending upon the landscape.)




Sun, Nov 1

6:46 am

5:16 pm

Mon, Nov 2

6:47 am

5:15 pm

Tue, Nov 3

6:48 am

5:14 pm

Wed, Nov 4

6:49 am

5:13 pm

Thu, Nov 5

6:50 am

5:12 pm

Fri, Nov 6

6:51 am

5:11 pm

Sat, Nov 7

6:53 am

5:10 pm

Sun, Nov 8

6:54 am

5:09 pm

Mon, Nov 9

6:55 am

5:09 pm

Tue, Nov 10

6:56 am

5:08 pm

Wed, Nov 11

6:57 am

5:07 pm

Thu, Nov 12

6:58 am

5:06 pm

Fri, Nov 13

6:59 am

5:05 pm

Sat, Nov 14

7:00 am

5:05 pm

Sun, Nov 15

7:01 am

5:04 pm

Mon, Nov 16

7:02 am

5:03 pm

Tue, Nov 17

7:03 am

5:02 pm

Wed, Nov 18

7:05 am

5:02 pm

Thu, Nov 19

7:06 am

5:01 pm

Fri, Nov 20

7:07 am

5:01 pm

Sat, Nov 21

7:08 am

5:00 pm

Sun, Nov 22

7:09 am

5:00 pm

Mon, Nov 23

7:10 am

4:59 pm

Tue, Nov 24

7:11 am

4:59 pm

Wed, Nov 25

7:12 am

4:58 pm

Thu, Nov 26

7:13 am

4:58 pm

Fri, Nov 27

7:14 am

4:58 pm

Sat, Nov 28

7:15 am

4:57 pm

Sun, Nov 29

7:16 am

4:57 pm

Mon, Nov 30

7:17 am

4:57 pm

It has been quite a year! We started the year by introducing two new programs, one for local businesses and one for year-round residents. We were fortunate to participate in this year’s International Dark Sky Association’s - International Dark Sky Week’s virtual events. We also presented a virtual night sky tour during the Moab Festival of Science.

Friend of the Milky WayOur Friends of the Milky Way program is designed to recognize local businesses that have changed/adapted their outdoor lighting fixtures and signs to comply with current outdoor lighting and sign illumination code. This program will continue far into the future. For more information, visit the Moab City and Grand County websites.

We have also started a lighting assistance program to help local year-round families change their outdoor lighting fixtures to comply with the current outdoor lighting code. All interested families need to fill out the form and send it in to Moab Dark Skies. To apply for this program, also visit the city and county websites. We have had our first family to take advantage of the program in October. This program will continue as long as the funds last, so take advantage soon.

We have worked with the city and county to set up a night sky quality monitoring program that utilizes local citizens to conduct the monitoring. Night sky quality monitoring helps form a lasting picture of artificial light’s effects at night on the community. Volunteers take the measurements from local parks and public areas using a night sky quality reader. It takes measurements of the brightness of artificial light at night directly overhead at the zenith. If you are interested in joining this effort, please contact Moab City Planning Dept. or Grand County Planning Dept.

The Moab Dark Skies was established by the Friends of Arches and Canyonlands Parks in conjunction with the National Park Service and Utah State Parks Division of Natural Resources.

November 21 - First Quater at 9:45 pm
November 31 - Full Moon at 2:29 am

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