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Your Monthly Horoscope for December 2018

Aries Astrological Symbol
Aries – Take a few extra moments to think things through before making any important decisions. Knee-jerk reactions are not the way to go at this time. Careful planning is the key. Diversify your investments if you are trying to boost your bottom line. As the saying goes, “don’t put all of your eggs in one basket.” Boost your odds. When you are fired up about something, there is no stopping you. If something doesn’t go your way, don’t let that stop you from pursuing your goals. If you find your mind wandering, make an effort to refocus your attention on important matters. Daydreaming can be beneficial, but only to a certain extent.
Taurus Astrological Symbol
Taurus – Direct all of your attention toward a certain project. Even as you worry about other things being forgotten, you realize the importance of prioritizing. You need to take a day or two for yourself. It seems like you have been doing much for others but little energy is devoted to your needs and desires. You’ve earned a break. Stick to activities that will help you feel grounded and centered this week. Only put things on your schedule that pertain to your future goals. Use your words and mind to make quick decisions that have others reacting to you with awe. Your intuition will guide you where you need to be.
Gemini Astrological Sy
Gemini – You are juggling so many things right now, and you may feel like you’re being pulled in 100 directions. Slow down and figure out what takes precedence. Think about how to look at a problem from a new angle. Only then can you get a real grasp for the situation at hand and how to tackle it. The answer may be right there. There may be something you say that seems wise at the moment, but may need to be reconsidered as days press on. It is alright to revise along the way. Begin the week with some vigorous exercise to get the blood flowing through your body and your mind. This will help you think and act more clearly.

Cancer Astrological Symbol
Cancer – Others are eager to hear some of your words of wisdom. You usually know just what to say in a given situation. Prepare your thoughts carefully. Get together with a spouse or romantic partner and work through a running list of what you’d like to do together. It is important to spend quality moments with one another. Tap into the energetic flow that has been driving you to take charge of money matters. A desireable outcome will arrive, and your bottom line will be better for it. If you have been looking for ways to spend your free time, why not think about giving back to your community? Consider how your talents can be volunteered.
Leo Astrological Sign
Leo – You may need to brush up on certain skills if you want to sail through a particular task that comes your way late in the week. Get some help if need be. Even though you may be tempted to draw attention your way, you may be better served by letting others grab the spotlight this week. Campaign for another’s recognition. No one seems to be able to sway your thoughts one way or another. With your self-determination laser-focused, there is nothing that you can’t handle. Approach a major project with your signature enthusiasm. All you need to do is break it down into smaller portions and work step by step for the greater whole.
Virgo Astrological Symbol
Virgo – Once you set your mind to something, there is nothing you cannot accomplish. Your attention to detail is top notch, but don’t let perfection distract you. Fitness becomes a priority for you in the weeks ahead. Focus your efforts toward your fitness goals and lean on others if you’re tempted to veer off course. Time is ticking. However, you don’t have to move until the time is right for you. Take your time and plan your next step before putting plans into motion. Try not to compare yourself to other people or make judgements too quickly. Keep an open mind and recognize your self-confidence is a great asset.

libra Astrological Symbol
Libra – Putting family first has always been your priority and that will continue in the weeks ahead. Others notice your efforts and appreciate them. You like to play super sleuth and get to the bottom of sticky situations. Remember that not all information is accurate, and be careful what you share. A romantic partner shares your thoughts on a sensitive subject and now is a great time to have a discussion about it. Working together will strengthen your relationship. There is a great deal that can be learned from your sense of freedom to explore and dream. See things from a new perspective and embrace your creativity.
Scorpio Astrological Sign
Scorpio – Multitasking can be your undoing. You want to accomplish so much, but you must try to balance your time instead. Clean the clutter from your schedule. You have a strong desire to make some major changes. Think about an extensive vacation, a potential relocation or a large home renovation. Readjust your approach conversations this week. What you have been doing might not be effective when communicating with people unaccustomed to your style of conversing. Attempt to engage more of your rational mind this week. Consider enlisting others who can keep you on a track to greater discipline and accountability.
Sagittarius Astrological Sign
Sagittarius – Family affairs move to the forefront this week. A spouse or a child is in need of assistance, and you must set aside the time to help amid your other responsibilities. You may have gotten in over your head with a certain home project. It just doesn’t seem to be moving along as anticipated. Call in some reinforcements. Take some quiet moments to focus on a memory that makes you happy. Whenever things get challenging, you can call this memory to mind. Now is a good time to put yourself in others’ shoes. By doing so, you can figure out how your own actions affect others and determine if you need to make some changes
Capricorn Astrological Symbol
Capricorn – Things have started to settle down a bit for you. Capricorn. That’s a welcome change from the harried pace you’ve been keeping of late. Enjoy the respite. Sometimes staying silent is the best way to get notice. Others may appreciate that you take the time to think over an issue before chiming in, and that bodes well for your future. Any turbulence gong on in your life right now can be remedied by thinking a bit more positively. Things will soon fall into place. Don’t hesitate to pick up a fashion magazine or learn about the latest trends. It may be time to reinvent yourself. Start with a few new pieces of clothing.
Aquarius Astrological Symbol
Aquarius – It’s taken a few months for you to find your groove, but you are in a zone and standing on solid ground. Enjoy the smooth sailing that’s ahead. Even though you may want to find the answers to all your questions, sometimes you have to accept what you cannot change. Focus your attention on something new. Try a new perspective in regard to looking at a difficult problem that’s been tough to solve. Seek others’ help, which is a sign of strength, not weakness. You have the right tone of voice for various situations. That is why you can be such a people-pleaser. Use this to your advantage in the days ahead

Pisces Astrological Symbol
Pisces – Listen to what others are telling you. You have always been good at accepting advice and now is the time to heed others’ wisdom. It will only take a few more days until your goal has been reached. That will be an exciting time worthy of sharing with friends. A profound time of introspection and revelation will begin for you this week. You may be pleasantly surprised by what you discover. Do not get hung up on thinking the grass is greener somewhere else. The key to happiness is making your situation the best it can be.

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