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July 2019

Grand County Community & Economic Development News
by J.D. McClanahan

Local governments and agencies continue to make important progress on local housing!

At the most recent meeting of the Moab Area Housing Task Force, updates from the city of Moab included the recent passage of the Planned Affordable Development Ordinance, allowing denser housing development in some zones of the city in return for affordability deed restrictions. In addition, the council is reviewing a request for proposals (RFP) on the city’s recently purchased parcel on Walnut Lane. After the city approves the RFP, it can be published and the city can accept bids from developers on how to design this future affordable housing development.

The county’s news included recently passed amendments to how it collects development fees. These amendments give the council discretion on waiving fees for affordable and low-income housing, providing another tool to incentivize the development of much-needed housing in Grand County.

The Moab Area Community Land Trust, owners of the future 42 acre Arroyo Crossing development on Spanish Valley Drive, expressed their plan to use the county’s new fee waivers, as well as their plan to submit their initial development application to the county in the coming month. Following a recently conducted community survey, the Land Trust has a wealth of public feedback so that their 100% affordable development best serves the needs of the citizens of Grand County.
In September the Housing Authority of Southeastern Utah will start construction on the initial phase of 11 Mutual Self Help homes at Wingate Village, its new subdivision next to the KOA Campground and Southgate subdivision. In addition, the MAPS senior housing apartments providing 36 new units for Moab’s senior citizen population. HASU is also in the process of rehabbing two homes in the area, one of which will be the first deed restricted house under their new protocols. HASU and the Land Trust will share an Americorps VISTA in the coming year, and this VISTA will provide support in getting this new deed restriction program off the ground developing policies and procedures, which will be especially essential as HASU administers the restrictions for units created under the county’s and the city’s recent affordable and workforce housing policies. In addition, the VISTA will work to broaden the task’s force affordable housing communication strategy, putting together documents and events that allow developers and the general public to understand the policies and opportunities available in the area.

The city and county are both hard at work resolving their future overnight accommodation strategies before the current moratoriums run out in early August. Based on extensive public feedback, the new ordinances as currently written will cease all new overnight rental development while allowing existing uses to continue and vested projects to be built. Both ordinances are still in the public input process, so interested citizens should make their voices heard. In the county, the planning commission recently recommended the ordinance, so the public hearing before the county council will take place at their meeting on July 2nd at 4PM at 125 E. Center Street, with the vote taking place the next meeting on July 16th. Emailed comments to the council can be sent to In the city, the planning commission’s public hearing is scheduled for June 27, 2019 at 6PM at 217 E Center Street, which should be followed by the council’s public hearing on July 9th at 7PM. Comments for the city can be directed to the planning department at or the city council at

The Grand County Community and Economic
Development Department is your go-to resource for:

  • Business Development and Expansion
  • State Funding Opportunities
  • Employee Training and Workforce Development
  • Land Use Development


125 E. Center St.
Moab, UT 84532
Information on the policy is available from the Community and Economic Development webpage at HighDensityOverlays or from department staff at 125 E. Center Street.
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